July 29, 2017 Brian Mallasch

Real Estate Basics: Quality Agents NEGOTIATE

Some homeowners, seeking to sell their homes, wonder whether they need the services of a professional, licensed real estate agent/ salesperson, or, if they would be better off doing it themselves (For Sale By Owner. also known as FSBO)! While statistics clearly indicate most sellers will benefit, in terms of selling price, ease (lack of hassle), convenience, etc, when they use an agent, some, mistakenly (in my opinion) believe, they will fare better, by avoiding the sales commission. While it might appear to be a somewhat, logical mindset, studies indicate, in the vast majority of cases, those using agents, net more, than those trying to do it all themselves. However, perhaps even more importantly, the most essential reason for hiring a real estate agent, is his ability to effectively NEGOTIATE, in your behalf. Let’s review, using the mnemonic approach, what this means, for the seller.

1. Needs; nuances: Quality agents recognize and appreciate the needs of his seller. In doing so, he understands the nuances needed, and the marketing niche, to best market to!

2. Expertise; experience: One should hire the best agent for him, who possesses the skills, and expertise, to do the best, for you! How will his experience and skills, get the best negotiating results?

3. Gains: Selling a home, for the best possible price, in the shortest period of time, with a minimum of hassle/ stress, means your agent should balance gains versus losses, and know, how to best negotiate, the terms and needs, you need and deserve!

4. Options; opportunities: Experienced real estate professionals understand the options available, and take advantage of the best opportunities, to serve their clients, professionally and carefully! Unless one fully appreciates what’s positive and/ or negative about a specific property, how can he possibly, get the best possible deal?

5. Today’s trends: One must fully understand today’s trends, market conditions, and competitive forces, if he’s going to be ready, and able, to properly, efficiently and effectively, evaluate a house’s true values. A qualified real estate agent, is best – positioned to offer you valuable ideas and suggestions.

6. Integrity; ideas; imagination: The Code of Ethics demands ethical behavior from real estate agents, which must include absolute integrity, in his dealings with the public! Seek an agent who possesses quality ideas, and the degree of imagination, to bring out the best, in your property!

7. Attitude; aptitude; attention: Great agents possess a can – do, positive attitude, combined with a well – defined, quality aptitude, and the willingness to pay keen attention, in every aspect of their professional lives and dealings!

8. Times; timely: Today’s times requires a relevant marketing plan, taking advantage of every possibility, etc. Be certain, your agent does everything in a timely manner, including responding to you, emails, telephone calls, questions and concerns, and possible offers.

9. Excellence; estimations: Hire someone with a commitment to excellence in everything he does, and the ability to accurately estimate needs, costs, pricing, etc.

If you want to sell your home, find the best agent for your needs! This must include someone who is well – qualified, and knows how to effectively NEGOTIATE!


About the Author

Brian Mallasch Brian is a San Fernando Valley native. Experienced in Landlord Representation, Tenant Representation, Investment and End User sales.